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Framework for a High Performing Air Ambulance Service

Framework Contents


The Framework is made up of nine sections, you can view each section by clicking on the buttons below.

Each individual section and the full Framework can be downloaded as a PDF file for reading offline by visiting the download page.




View Pre-Hospital Care1.  PRE-HOSPITAL CARE


View Background2.  BACKGROUND


View Trustees & Governance3.  TRUSTEES AND GOVERNANCE


View Clinical Standards & Clinical Goverance4.  CLINICAL STANDARDS AND CLINICAL GOVERNANCE


View Operational Management5.  OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT


View Dispatch6.  DISPATCH


View Staffing and Training7.  STAFFING AND TRAINING


View Conclusions8.  CONCLUSIONS


View Appendicies9.  APPENDICIES




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AoAA Framework 2013


Current version published:

November 2013

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